Testimonials written by those who have experienced Loving Heart Connections®


I was fascinated by my experience with the (Loving) heart connection(s) session I had with Diane (Martel).

Because I have astigmatism, the eye tracking was a little uncomfortable for me but Diane helped me adjust to something more comfortable and I relaxed back into the session quickly following.

The relaxation technique felt meditative and familiar from actor training I've done in the past. When I could note being fully relaxed I felt light and floaty and a little euphoric.

Visually I saw shapes and colors melting and flashing and reforming. Colors that have been associated with my aura and others in my life who have passed.

In the third round I felt a woman lay next to me on my bed. It was a strange but welcome sensation. It wasn't intrusive, it was comforting and brief. Like a long hug after being away from a friend. I believe this was my cousin who passed in 2020.

The following round I encountered the sensation of a woman made of earth and air laying my head in her lap and then stroking my hair. I believe she was a newer guide for me. Reminding me that I am also of earth and that the ground is always available to me as a place of rest and rejuvenation.

The next couple rounds brought me to a field surrounded by woods and a small cabin where two beings I felt to be my guides were interacting with me in and out of the cabin. The female guide was sleeping undisturbed In a small bed while the other, a strong, large, long haired and bearded man invited me to chop wood with him as a way of relaxing the creeping annoyance I felt at our session being disturbed by noises in my apartment. Then perhaps the most powerful moment, an ex of mine who passed years ago emerged from the forest. I got the sense that he lived just down the path from my cabin there. He came smiling a smile bigger than any I'd seen him use in life. And we sat and he talked and I listened. And as he parted I got the sense that he wanted me to know I could call for him or visit anytime.

I wept ( as I usually do) during and afterwards. Feeling like for the first time in months I wasn't alone anymore. That there were people on my side and a place I could go to be with them.

I am deeply grateful to Diane for sharing this experience with me and would highly recommend it to anyone who has the need for more transcendent connections than this one plane can offer.

All my love



At first when Linda Evans introduced me to the Loving Heart Connections, I resisted the concept. There were questions in my mind regarding my husband’s death that I wanted answered. My hesitation in going through with the LHC process was because I was afraid that my husband would not show up. The fear of rejection was unsettling.

Linda Evans’ encouragement helped me gain the confidence I needed to take a chance and experience the Loving Heart Connections with my husband. My experience provided me with the answers to the questions that have been troubling me since his death. The session was physically and spiritually uplifting. During the experience the heaviness in my heart was lifted. At the end of the encounter, I found clarity, knowing that my husband died in peace, he died loving me and he died knowing how much I loved him. It was a turning point in my grief journey.

I am grateful for the Loving Heart Connections experience. My sincere gratitude goes to Linda Evans, she facilitated the session and her expertise guided me through the entire process.



My experience with LHC was with my grief counselor, Linda Evans. Linda is an amazing advocate and counselor so when she suggested LHC I was more than willing to try. I had two sessions with Linda and the experience was overwhelming. My mom recently passed so she was my first choice to correspond with. I saw her at a younger age than her death age and in good health which was so relieving thinking that wherever she is she would be vibrant again. I also corresponded with my husband who passed several years ago. The thrill of seeing him again was indescribable. I could also feel his physical presence during my session. It seemed as if he was seated next to me. I was thrilled with both sessions with Linda and am beginning to try on my own. It’s difficult to put into words the value of these experiences. Thanks so much - Vicki Winn Peoria IL


My session with Diane Martel was really powerful! My intention was to connect with any spirit guides and hopefully receive any message that they might have. I was also open to communicating with my dad. Diane helped guide me to a place where I was able to reach my father, my grandmother and without a doubt, my guardian angel that appeared to me as the most divine, bright and radiant light. I will definitely practice this modality again. Thank you Diane, for such an incredible experience.

-Kate Hunter


After much anticipation of an upcoming session with Dr. Liz Raver DeCesare, I was quite pleased with the results. I am a 30 year practicing Medium so am familiar with certain techniques. However, the tools used with this program resulted in a deeper and more exact message. Each segment built on the previous and enforced the communication in a more intense manner. The progression became more exciting and unique with every moment. I was able to connect clearly and precisely, making the experience remarkable. It is a wonderful tool for self healing, self exploration and acquiring profound knowledge. The peace and calm felt afterward still resonates. Sincere gratitude for such a wonderful experience.


I recently had a session of Loving Hearts CONNECTIONS with Dr. Elizabeth Raver. The session was amazing. Dr. Raver is kind and loving and led me step by step through the process.

I was able to go back in time to when I was in my twenties on a 5 week family vacation to Italy. Everything was so vivid and the joy of having my parents communicating with me is indescribable. Knowing that I can make these connections myself whenever I need to is wonderful.

LOVING HEART CONNECTIONS has impacted my life in such a positive way. The method used to communicate is much easier for me than using traditional meditation techniques. I am trying to practice the LOVING HEART CONNECTIONS techniques daily.

I would highly recommend LOVING HEART CONNECTIONS to anyone trying to connect to loved ones or spirit.

Angela Heilig


I am deeply grateful to Dr. Elizabeth Raver for introducing me to the Loving Heart Connections technique. During my first session I actually met one of my spirit guides using this LHC technique! I know I am never alone, but this experience really helped solidify my belief. If you are having any blocks in reaching guides or loved ones that have passed, I highly recommend contacting Dr. Raver for her knowledge as a medium and her expertise in this technique. She will give you the skills you need to make your own connections!


I am already very psychic and have worked over the years to develop it. And so I see angels and talk to them quite easily. But when I heard about LHC I was very curious. This was a totally new method I had heard of. And I wondered if it could make my connection to my angels even stronger. I went into my session with curiosity to see if something different happened. I experienced a deep relaxation very quickly within the first 3 minutes - something I usually feel after a longer meditation than just 3 minutes. And I saw Archangel Michael right from the first 3 minutes. But it was not different. I saw him and other things in the next round too, and it was still as I would experience seeing him otherwise. Remember that seeing angels and talking to them is something I have been doing for years.

THEN Jane said something that made the biggest difference!! She said to ask Archangel Michael to make me experience seeing him or feeling his energy in a 'different' way. And then things got really amazing. You must also bear in mind that this time Jane led me through a 10-minute session (it was the 3rd round in the session), so the relaxation was very very deep. And also Jane asked me to visualize myself in the picture. That too made a difference. I first sat with Archangel Michael in a gazebo. He held his palm up, and I saw myself holding my palm up and against his. I was not visualizing this. I saw myself do it. There was an explosion of golden light and I saw what can only be described as a pathway to Heaven. It led up to a golden light. He held my hand and we flew together towards it. I asked him where we were going. And he said we were going home. There I saw many many different visions. I had asked to see him better and to know him better, and what he showed me was mindblowing. In many ways many of it felt deeply personal to me, so I will not write the details of all that I saw. But I was at "home", seeing him, and understanding him in ways much better than I already did. Also, I experience the presence of Michael as warmth in my left hand which can sometimes become a full-body sensation of heat. This time I was shivering and feeling really cold. My teeth were chattering. And that is funny because I live in San Jose, California. It is quite warm here at the time of writing this. I asked Michael why I was so cold instead of warm, and he said, "You asked for a different experience". Also, I am not a very emotional person. But I was overwhelmed with the feeling of absolute love at "home". It was so overwhelming that I had to breathe deep to just try and maintain some feeling of normality. I hate to cry in front of anyone. So I wanted to regain some composure. But the absolute love was so overwhelming that I was crying, and there was no way I could have stopped it. I have only heard of this degree of overwhelming love from people who have experienced NDE. I guess I experienced some kind of NDE without any traumatic experience because I did go "home", and I did experience what the near-death experiencers do.

Even long after the session, I kept experiencing other things like a feeling of being loved without question, and a feeling of being whole and complete. Yes, I know we are all already whole and complete. But to experience it so completely and overwhelmingly was something else. What can I say? I had asked for "different", did I get "different"!

Also, Jane also is very experienced and she is amazing at guiding us to experience what we wish to experience. She asked me to ask Michael to tell me something I did not know so that I will know that I am not making it up. And he did tell me things that I did not know. However, the emotions and feelings were so powerful that I didn't have a doubt anyway. To be shivering with teeth chattering in warm San Jose, to need to breathe deeply to gain some emotional composure - those two by themselves had proved to me beyond any doubt that what I was experiencing was real, and way more powerful than I was used to. Thank you Jane!

Swati Nigam

February 20, 2022

At the close of my AMAZING session, Jane suggested I choose a particular time of day to practice Loving Heart Connections®. I am choosing 10:00AM as my time everyday. This morning’s experience was totally different than what I experienced with Jane. Unlike my initial session, I had no visuals but I did have a deep feeling of being home. The relaxation level was nothing I have ever experienced. It was a 10+. I also had both hands activated with energy and a feeling of warmth and safety throughout my body. It was like a short out of body experience. I knew I was totally connected and at peace.

I often have knowing about the truth or importance of a statement through full body vibration. I typically have these when working with a client but today I was reading a passage from A Course In Miracles with my partner. It was lesson 61; "I am the Light". I experienced multiple physical vibrations with this reading and that has never happened before.

Loving Heart Connections® has opened up a whole new world of physical energetic experiences for me.

Diane Martel

February 19, 2022

This was my first session of Loving Heart Connections® with Dr. Elizabeth Raver. She was very patient by explaining how it worked as this was a new experience for me.

I was led back to memories of my father and his parents. We were on a family trip to places we used to go when I was a child. I then was shown my childhood home and bedroom, which brought back wonderful memories for me. It gave me peace and closure to know I can connect with my family in this way and they are still with me.

Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

Dawn Salmeri Springfield, OR

January 12, 2022

My first Loving Heart Connections® session with Dr. Jane (she is a delightful guide extraordinaire!) was absolutely amazing! I was able to have a “conversation” with my son David and other loved ones. I could hear them speaking in my mind and received important messages. I need only recall this session and I immediately feel immersed again in beautiful, comforting LOVE! I look forward with excitement to continue using this technique for healing and to gain vital knowledge by also connecting with my Higher Self, Guides and the Divine. I facilitate retreats for those healing from grief and plan to incorporate the good news of this wonderful tool for the participants. I also intend to share Dr. Jane’s life-changing work at every opportunity. The exquisite gift of Loving Heart Connections® will enhance the journey of life for all!

Val Lucas

November 30, 2021

Thank you so much for the Loving Heart Connections session today.

The guidance I received was clear and in true living color.

I saw my deceased loved ones and we were able to have a coherent conversation.

My father appeared to be in his 50s which was 30 years younger than the age at which he passed.

And, I received answers from family and my guides to many of my questions.

If you have a chance to have a Loving Heart Connections™ session, do it!

You'll be so glad you did.

Angela Artemis

November 18, 2021

The session was extraordinarily peaceful for me. I could connect with my loved one and have a conversation-something I had not expected was possible even in my wildest dreams. For me the session was more about "feeling", and I understand different people have different experiences based on their personal strengths or personality types. Talking to Jane herself was an exersice in healing; she exudes a positive, healing energy. It was indeed like a date with my beloved, a date I can relive whenever I wish to through the recording. Thank you Dr. Jane Bissler for making such empowering connections possible.

Monalisa Jha

September 22, 2021

My name is Annie. On Sunday, June 20,2021 at 6:30 am my beloved 12 year old son, William, continued from earth on his life journey to Heaven.

Through connecting with Sheri Perl and Dr. Craig Hogan a lady by the name of Dr. Jane Bissler was recommended to me. Her Loving Heart Connections™ sessions were helpful, I was told. The sessions are particularly therapeutic to parents who have had children whom have crossed over.

I decided why not? Upon emailing Dr.Bissler the one thing I knew was that this lady was a beautiful, genuine, loving person. She made me feel so comfortable.

We booked a session and I waited in anticipation. I had no expectations of what the Loving Heart Connections™ session would bring about. I knew it would be a positive, relaxing experience. Dr. Bissler was just as kind and lovely in person via zoom as she was in her emails. It felt as though I was with a friend. The Loving Heart Connections™ session was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. I do not even have words, it was mind blowing.

My son William did come through. He proceeded to show me things in Heaven. He spoke to me. I could see him clearly in his favourite colour of a yellow adidas t-shirt and blue adidas track pants with a green stripe on the sides. I cannot describe the feelings of love and joy to be able to see William, to hear him speaking, to know without any doubt he is happy, he is in Heaven and as he said “I like it here”.

The peacefulness I felt while in the session was also unlike anything I have experienced. My state of relaxation was to the point of almost not realizing I was still sitting in my chair. It was like I was there in Heaven with William. The colours, vibrancy and immense overwhelming feeling of love are unlike anything we can experience here on earth. It is almost unimaginable. I did not imagine it, I experienced it with William through my Loving Heart Connections™ session.

It was hard to come out of the session. It was as though I was being transported back into my body very quickly. I remember blinking my eyes over and over trying to adjust to being back in my living room. It was hard to believe what had occurred and even more difficult to describe what had occurred. I am still trying to digest the entire process.

After the Loving Heart Connections™ session I became very tired. This feeling was also with me the next day. It felt as though my energy had been drained but not physically. It is hard to describe. I also felt an abundance and overwhelming feeling of love and peace. I felt William’s presence and feel very connected to him. He continued to visit me the next few days. I do not try to make anything happen. I just let things flow.

Having the Loving Heart Connections™ session was really life changing for me. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my well-being. I now know more about Heaven. I know William is happy and in a beautiful place….more beautiful than we can ever imagine. I will continue to use the tools Dr.Bissler has shown me in doing Loving Heart Connections™. I will continue my journey here with William always by my side. I will continue in love and peace and gratitude.

I wish you all peace,


Annie and William

August 20, 2021

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Dr. Bissler this month and participate in the Loving Heart Connections experience. I wanted to learn more about the modality, and I wanted to experience it myself. I have worked with EMDR and tapping, and I have years of working as a practitioner with grief and loss. I also have been connecting with my loved ones via mediumship for some time. This was a new experience for me, though. It was amazing how easy it was to connect when these phenomena are pulled together. Dr. Bissler helps with the knowing our loved ones are never far from our side, and she gives individuals the firsthand experience of connecting with loved ones in Spirit. This was possible in just the one session I had with her, and I can now continue practicing the technique on my own to continue building the connection. I have plans to continue working with Dr. Bissler to enhance my own skills in this modality. There is no doubt this will be a benefit for me as I move forward in my continued relationship with my own loved ones, but also in my work with others.

I recommend this modality for those who are looking to go beyond work with grief and loss, personally or professionally. This is for those who want to maintain the connection with their loved ones once they have transitioned. It is perfect for those who would like to incorporate this modality in their work as licensed practitioners as well as lightworkers, and even for those who just want the personal connection and knowing. I can’t wait to continue this journey!

Diana H., PsyD, LMFT, LPCC, NCC, ACS

June 14, 2021

Loving Heart Connections™ Testimonial

This month, I had my second Loving Heart Connections™ ("LHC") session with Dr. Jane V. Bissler. During the first session a few years back, I was able to connect with and hear my dad and aunt. I did not really use the modality after that initial session.

During the June 2021 session, I was able to connect with, hear, and sense my father, two grandmothers, grandfather, and two aunts. All in 90 minutes. It was beautiful. It was a family reunion!

Since that session, I have used the modality while sitting on the sofa, and even implemented it during a recent client session. As someone who facilitates spiritual, energetic healing, I work with Guidance and our connection is strong. However, during a recent client session, I was guided to work in a different way. Because of this, I decided to incorporate LHC because I was curious to see if LHC would support the way I was working. Here’s the deal, I was able to use LHC to center myself when I felt pulled in another direction. This pull is something that is quite normal while facilitating as there are often many that are coming through and there is great deal of information that is coming through. Using LHC, I was able to recenter myself, almost instantly, so that I was back in the energetic flow.

In addition, two of the client’s loved ones in Spirit came through, as did her Guidance. This is not unusual for me. What is interesting is the level of clarity with which they communicated. I was not actively using the LHC when communicating with her loved ones or Guidance. However, I do believe that the initial use of the modality set the tempo for this particular client session. I also would have tapped into it, if I felt that the communication was not as clear as it needed to be. For me, I believe setting that initial tempo allowed for those communicating with me and through me to energetically match me in what I call the dance.

I highly recommend LHC to all those seeking to connect with, make contact with, and continue relationships with those they love that are in Spirit. Our relationships do not end when our loved ones leave the physical body. There is a transition. That connection, that relationship, that love, that ability to heal one another through forgiveness, understanding, and compassion remains. LHC provides a top notch way of developing your communication skills. It is important that you work with Dr. Bissler or a LHC practitioner for this type of session. You want to deal with professionals who will be able to support you on all levels, as you dance your dance!

If you are a lightworker, I recommend trying LHC while working with your Guidance to see how your Guidance will use it for your benefit and for the benefit of those you serve!

Desiree Brown

I recently had a session with Jane Bissler in order to learn about Loving Heart Connections which partially uses bilateral stimulation and if it is something that could be useful for me. I am a developing medium working with Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Jane’s warm and welcoming manner made it easy for me to learn the technique which in itself is quite simple. The results were immediately apparent as my thinking mind was able to quiet down allowing me to open a channel to Spirit. For the duration of the time that I remained focused in the technique, I was able to keep this channel open, allowing for me to experience both thoughts and images of a deeper nature.

I now use this technique to heighten my ability to hear and receive messages from


Thank you Jane for giving me this tool that is both easy to learn and effective in opening up a channel to Spirit. I will use this for the rest of my life.

Reverend Dr. Sheri Perl

Thank you so much for a wonderful session. I am so grateful for the opportunity and am so excited that I am now equipped to make contact with my beloved son. What an extraordinary experience and thanks to you.

From Maureen Pieterse, Rashaad's Mom

Thank You again for today...it was WOW.

Never again will I doubt what I see , hear and feel.

Adam was so present today-as always.

From Adam's Mum

This is a truly amazing modality, I have had 2 sessions with Jane and her Loving Heart Connections™. Both times I was able to connect to my loved ones. The last session was in late April of this year and I had another amazing connection. It is a life changing method that I highly recommend to anyone.


I can't thank Jane enough for making this incredible practice, Loving Heart Connections™. I was able to connect with my son, my dad and my grandmother. I was even able to hear from and be introduced to my guidance. WOW! I'm so thankful and I can't wait to do it again. I have my next session already scheduled. She told me I didn't need to have another session, but I really want her to lead me through the process just one more time. I'm so excited and I can't wait. I'm practicing everything she told me so I will be ready for the next one.

Super Grateful,


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