Class Schedule

My next ONLINE Loving Heart Connections® class will be held September 10 and 11, 2022. It will run from 10am - 5pm EASTERN each day. Day one will be information gathering through video recordings of actual sessions, lecture, individual practice and small group discussion. You will have a 60 minute lunch/grounding break each day.

Day two will be the practicum portion. A minimum of three mentoring sessions (1 each month) is included for support and mentoring of the modality. Send me an email by clicking here to be placed on the list. Registration will begin on August 1st at 8am EASTERN on the SHOP tab of this website and continue until the class fills (maximum of 10 students), or until September 1, 2022.

Class Schedule

The training will consist of the unique bilateral stimulation process. Each class will be held for two days. The first day will be dedicated to information gathering and the second day will be the practicum. These classes will be held on the Zoom conferencing platform and will be scheduled, at this point, on two weekend days.

The training will consist of learning to perform the unique bilateral stimulation generated through the development of Loving Heart Connections™ and a detailed description of the Loving Heart Connections™ modality. Other areas of training will include:

  • quantifying the participant’s relaxation and relief stance

  • guiding the participants progress through the layers of connection

  • normalizing connections

  • processing participants reactions in a way that allows for health and mental wellness

  • assessing anxiety, non-clinical depression and mental health issues

  • assessing the need for mental health intervention

  • reframing communications if necessary

  • helping participants feel positivity and strength from their own abilities

  • training clients to do this modality on their own with criteria generated from working with you

  • troubleshooting sessions where connections are difficult or those that do not make a connection through Loving Heart Connections™.

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