Loving Heart Connections® Trained Facilitators

I'm so proud to introduce you to these Loving Heart Connections® trained facilitators. These individuals have gone through extensive training and supervision regarding this method. They have all personally experienced this modality and are ready to work with you! Each trained facilitator has set their own fee for this service. Please see a biographical description of each of them below. Each contains contact information and a photo. I advise you to work with the one who speaks to your heart. You certainly may contact several to find the right one for you. Please see testimonials about the facilitators on the testimonial page. The facilitator's name will be in a larger typeface and in bold print.

Diane Martel

Fluent in English and French

Website: www.healingtooneness.com

Email: Healingoneness1@gmail.com

Phone: 440-665-5582

All my life I have worked with energy; not knowing how to call or identify it. Now, I have focused on defining and refining my skills to allow energy to flow and facilitate healing for all people that I meet and serve. I am a Reiki Master and a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Jade® practitioner as well as a Master Alchemy Program (MAP) graduate which focuses on the 5 “Daoist” energetic elements and their impact on our lives.

Concurrently, I trained and volunteered as a Death Doula and have been accompanying people in their transition since 2018. I know first-hand the pain and grief attached to losing a loved one. Loving Heart Connections® closes the loop between our departed loved ones, spirit guides, our Soul and us. It is a blessing to learn how to use Loving Heart Connections® to build this bridge to maintain and continue the bonds after the initial session.

Desirée Brown

Website: www.jadeprocess.com

Instagram: withlove.desiree

Facebook: withlove.desiree

Email: desiree@jadeprocess.com

Desirée started working with spiritual energetic healing systems eight years ago. She is the founder of Spiritual Synergy LLC. She began her journey with Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, and also became a Reiki Master. She has worked extensively with SPIRIT and her mentor, Dr. Jane Bissler, to develop and hone her spiritual abilities. Six years ago, she was called to channel and develop Jáde Process®, a network of spiritual, energetic, self-healing systems, techniques, charts, and resources. This network focuses on the entire energy field, including the human energy field or multidimensional being. She works with multiple modalities to assist clients to address issues that are contributing to poor energetic flow. Optimization of the energy field supports all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When all bodies are in alignment, the conditions are fertile for growth and development. This is the very foundation of Spiritual Synergy LLC. In addition to facilitating sessions, she enjoys training others to use Jáde Process® for their personal use and to assist their clients.

Desirée has trained in Loving Heart Connections® because she personally experienced connections with her loved ones in Spirit, her Spiritual Guidance, and her Soul. She strives to help others to learn how to work with Loving Heart Connections® to build the bridge of connection, the bridge of remembrance, the bridge of forgiveness, and the bridge of wisdom. It is an extremely powerful modality that will enable others to achieve direct communication with unlimited potential for connection and healing.

Barbara Reed

Website: https://www.barbarasreadings.com

Email: bhrfl13@gmail.com

In addition to Loving Heart Connections® certification, Barbara H Reed is also a certified Soul Realignment® practitioner.

Barbara grew up in the picturesque Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. She was awarded a BS degree by the State University of New York and received permanent certification to teach elementary grades K-6 and also secondary level English. As a Research Associate at Cornell University, she was part of the initial multi-disciplinary research studies that resulted in the formation of the national programs known as Home Start and Head Start.

A teacher and the mother of five, (two of whom have, sadly, passed) she studied at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania and received an MS in Theological Studies. As her teaching career advanced, Reed received an EdD degree and operated a school for pre-school children living with disabilities and their parents.

Her doctoral dissertation focused on the effect of Prison educational programs on recidivism among 15-17 year old felony offenders from rural and small town areas of upstate New York who were incarcerated in medium and maximum secure prisons.

As a Chaplain at Cornell University, she preached in rotation with priests on staff and periodically led small groups of students in visits to consider social justice issues in rural areas of Haiti and Guatemala.

She is presently living in Arizona and is a Hospice volunteer and a member of Helping Parents Heal, Amnesty International and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

Kate Berringer

Website: https://bloomtrails.com

Email: kate@bloomtrails.com

Kate has always been curious about the world we cannot see. With a decade of practice and study as a Spiritual, Energetic Healing practitioner, she brings a gentle, trusting, and loving approach to helping others heal from within. In her practice, Kate assists others to heal their trauma, let go of fear, and connect to the spiritual realm, all the while being a supportive and loving presence. Knowing that no single approach is the right one for every individual, Kate has been trained in multiple modalities that help serve individual needs. These modalities include Spiritual Response Technique, Spiritual Restructuring, Multi-Dimensional Self™, Jade Process® and Loving Heart Connections®.

After experiencing the personal loss of a sibling, Kate was drawn to Loving Heart Connections® through her work with her mentor, Dr. Jane Bissler. Designed to activate and strengthen the bonds we have with our loved ones and pets in Spirit and our Spiritual Guides, this modality offers physical, emotional and spiritual healing, especially providing comfort for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Kate has reverence for Loving Heart Connections® and how it brings healing, hope, love, peace and understanding for all that experience this beautiful modality. The gift of connection can then be self-initiated and practiced for timeless healing.

Connect with Kate at gentleheal55@gmail.com