The Development of Loving Heart Connections®

Loving Heart Connections® was developed through SPIRIT. As a licensed Ph.D. level mental health clinical counselor specializing in grief and working mostly with parents whose adolescent children died suddenly, I was using trauma therapy to help relieve my clients’ devastating grief responses. One of those therapies was Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). The training, practicum and supervision of this protocol is intense and prepares the clinician well for the trauma processing their clients will experience.

Beginning in 1997 or 1998 several of my clients, with whom I was using EMDR to help them with their grief trauma, began to spontaneously have after death communications with their children and loved ones. These experiences were happening within the EMDR protocol. Talking with my EMDR supervisor, I found this was a unique happening and she had no experience with it. However, it seemed like a miracle as my clients were very relieved by their experiences and came back into the office to reconnect and revisit with their deceased children and loved ones numerous times. This was done through and within the EMDR protocol. I began to notice that the full protocol seemed unnecessary as my clients were no longer dealing with the trauma of their loss but joyfully connecting with their loved ones.

I believe SPIRIT provided the information of exactly what was needed to help my clients have these experiences. Through this guidance and over the years, Loving Heart Connections® morphed into the modality it is today. It is NOT EMDR. It is NOT IADC. Both of those modalities work to help client release trauma. Loving Heart Connections® was developed to provide direct personal communication between the client and their Spiritual Guidance, High Selves, ancestors, deceased loved ones and recently their inner self or soul. It is a modality that is facilitated and taught by trained energy workers and mental health providers directly to the client. There is no reason to have a session from a different modality before experiencing Loving Heart Connections®. If you are being asked to do so, please inquire as to why as according to SPIRIT it is not necessary at this time. It is designed to be used by the client on an ongoing basis to be in contact with spiritual energy at the time of the client’s choosing. Bilateral stimulation, used in both EMDR and Loving Heart Connections®, is the one common element.